With iWork, Apple Walks It Back Before Moving Forward

I have OS X . I like it with I MAC AIR. Very good.


Over the last few days there has been a lot of talk about Apple’s new direction for iWork, especially when it comes to the OS X versions of its productivity suite. At an event on Tuesday, the company announced that they would be making iWork free with purchase of a new device — but it also announced a redesign that many are seeing as a regression of the product.

Specifically, many who use Pages, Numbers and Keynote heavily are remarking on the loss of what they characterize as “pro” features. These power users are lamenting the changes, many of which mimic the look and feel of the suite on Apple’s iOS platform.

The thing is, they’re right. Apple did “walk back” the features and feel of iWork slightly across the board — and significantly in some niche cases. But it’s far too early in this new era of a free…

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Watch The Disrupt Europe Hackathon Right Here

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[tc_ustream_iframe id=”4715292″]

Here at Disrupt Europe in Berlin, coders, hackers, engineers and designers spent the last 24 hours to try to build the best product possible.

There have been trials and tribulations, hotdogs and donuts and quite a bit of Club Mate, and it all culminates today with the Hackathon presentations.

We have around 100 hacks hitting the Disrupt stage, each getting one minute to present to a panel of incredible judges, including TechStars Managing Director in London Jon Bradford and SoundCloud’s VP of Engineering Alexander Grosse.

The winner will walk away with $5,000, along with two tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. Plus, our API sponsors are offering up some amazing prizes as well, including the opportunity to win a Lumia 925 from Yammer.

It should be a Hackathon to remember, which is why this video will be available until the end of time (or the Internet), but…

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